Joy: Creativity

Creative. Its not always a word I would use to describe myself. I’m terrible at crafts. However, I find myself wishing for more creativity. I don’t do much within the space other than basic posts, there are plenty of things I know should do, but haven’t made the time/energy to do.

I am starting to wonder if you either have to be boring grey matter, or an explosion of crazy color. While grey was cool for a while, now everyone is all over Millennial Pink, and my favorite color is still blue. Always will be.

There has to be a way to drip some subtle color into that grey world. Without it turning into a blood red explosion. Some yellow happiness, some green prosperity, some true blue.

Or do all those colors end up mixing into a grey mess? I guess I’m trying to creatively explain the questions that are always circling me. What do I want to do when I grow up? Do I want to stay in the financial area of the world? Do I want to go knocking on the marketing door?

I’m glad I had a networking break before going to Duluth for the Zenith Conference. I’m excited to meet new people, but more importantly have some time in my favorite city. Here’s hoping for good weather, although I know I’ll still have a great time even if it rains.

Whats your favorite color? Favorite Duluth activity?

3 thoughts on “Joy: Creativity

  1. It’s funny, my favorite color has changed over time. As a little girl I was all over pink and purple. Now I kind of gravitate toward orange. And I honestly couldn’t even say why! And Duluth is always a good time even if it is rainy, my favorite activity there is probably heading up to Gooseberry Falls, which I suppose isn’t as fun if it’s raining!

  2. My favorite color has really changed over time, too. It was pink in my 20s/early 30s. Now I would say it is navy which isn’t very exciting but it’s such a classic color that goes with many things! I do still love pink, though.

    I have not spent any time in Duluth sadly! We registered for some camping stuff for our wedding, though, so I am hoping we can get up to the Superior Hiking Trail to do some camping this summer!

    • I love Navy! Its so versatile! You guys will love Duluth once you get there! (but beware the weekend summer crowds, it can feel a little crazy)

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