Mixed Signals: a dating update

I’m a ruler follower. At work I’m known for knowing the official answer, what we are actually doing, and what we should be doing. Ambiguity is not something I enjoy, but I’ve accepted that it is a part of life. However, I can only put up with it in the dating world for so long.

Ghosting, the act of simply not responding and becoming invisible to someone isn’t nice, but it can be nicer than stringing someone along. If you don’t intend to see them again, tell them. Now if you both don’t reach out after a date, I don’t think you need to reach out to let the person know you specifically don’t want to see them.

Overscheduling, I recently met a man who loves to say yes….only to cancel the hour of a plan. Sure work is busy, and sure you are tired, but you know your schedule better than I know your schedule. Don’t agree to something if it isn’t feasible.

Popping, Pop! Out of no where you appear, and then just as quickly you disappear. And then reappear, and then disappear. The good news is that when you are around you are open and honest. The bad news is, just when I start to get comfortable, you’re gone.

Mystery, I’m not sure how this happened, or when it started, or how to proceed. I don’t know what you want, or what I want, or how this could play out.

Going Forward: I’m currently busy enough with school, work, working out, friends, and family that I don’t really see how more dating can fit into the schedule. So for those I’m talking to, great! For those I might meet along the way, wonderful! But adding to the current mixed signals seems like a bad idea.

How do you respond to confusion? Do you hash it out, or go with the flow and figure it out along the way?

One thought on “Mixed Signals: a dating update

  1. I have no patience for ambiguity or vagueness in life and that applied to dating. The stuff you are dealing with is so annoying! I called the poppers “boomerangs.” I had one guy that was such a boomerang! It was so annoying!

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