Joy: Celebrations

This time next week I will be a year older. I spent the weekend doing only fun things, plus quickly cleaning my bathroom before church Sunday morning.

Saturday I went to yoga, a twins game, and a bonfire. I didn’t accomplish any of my to-do list, which will make for a long Monday, but thats okay. Today I cleaned up for church, went for a walk with my family, and I will be starting the official birthday celebrations with dinner. My dear friend and I always go somewhere to celebrate our April birthdays, and this year is The Lexington! I am so excited to check out the renovated space.


How do you celebrate special occasions? One big event? Or smaller things with different groups of people?

2 thoughts on “Joy: Celebrations

  1. Happy pre-birthday-week! I usually tend to do some small celebrations versus one big one. Phil and I usually try to go out for a nicer dinner and then I have lunches and dinners with other groups of friends. Can’t wait to hear what you think of The Lexington!!!

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