Joy: Turning 29

Today is my birthday, and as a gift to myself I wrote this a few days in advance so I can truly enjoy the weekend and not wonder when I am going to write a blog post.

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I used to have a clear idea of what I would have accomplished by the age of 30. I saw my late twenties as a time to get stuff done and work towards big things. And I have definitely gotten stuff done, but I haven’t seen the big payoff, and I don’t know if I will in the next year.

My brain has a lot of tabs open, all with different goals. I’ve accepted myself as a slow runner, but I’m not willing to give up my running goals. I’m a social media addict, but I am starting to question whether I will actually work in marketing. I tend to chose the clear path, and until a clear path emerges, I will take baby steps in all directions.

Baby steps are slow. They are frustrating. You’re learning and watching others who have no problem walking/running towards their goals. So I’m hoping in this next year, instead of taking baby steps. I’ll dance.

Do you have goals for certain ages?

What do you do when you don’t meet the goals?

2 thoughts on “Joy: Turning 29

  1. I felt similar to how you feel when I approached my 30s. I thought my life would be in such a different place as when I was 29 I didn’t have my career figured out and I was single. I thought I’d be married and maybe even have a child by age 30. I had to accept that things happen differently for everyone, and I celebrated the freedom I had to go where I wanted when I wanted by taking a solo trip to Paris when I am 30. I highly encourage you to plan something special for your 30th next year so that it can be a joyous birthday and not a birthday that you focus on how you thought things might have been. Having a trip to look forward to really helped me enter my 30s with excitement. I will say that my 30s have been sooooo much better than my 20s. I know myself better, I’ve found the right industry for me, and I am getting married to a man I love. My life looks completely different from my college friends as many of them have been married for 7-10 years and most are done having families. But with time I’ve come to accept that my life is always going to look a bit different and luckily Phil’s friends are in the same stage as us so it’s nice to have some friends that we can relate to!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Here’s to a great year to come!!

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