Run for the Lakes 2017 Recap

I have officially ran my slowest 10k to date, I teared up at mile 2, and my foot hurt the entire time. Yet, I’m glad I ran. The morning started chilly, but thankfully I have ran enough races to trust that the weather will improve.

woods slow children at play sign

Given that the race was in Nisswa I knew plenty of people running, a friend from the MBA program also ran, but she was a speedster compared to me. Instead I had 6 miles of basic solitude. Me, the road, my headphones.

  1. I always tell myself the worst mile is the first mile. My body was adjusting and warming up.
  2. A band was playing somewhere in Mile 2 or 3, and out of no where I started tearing up. Part of being a back of the pack runner usually means that you miss out on the crowds, but they still played for us.
  3. I finally started to warm up, I wasn’t in as much pain as I thought I would be, everything seemed manageable.
  4. Nothing to note, which is a wonderful thing!
  5. Meeting a runner I had watched be in the front of me for the first 3 miles, and suddenly we were besides each other, and then I was pulling ahead.
  6. Knowing not to sprint it out at the roundabout. The final stretch is deceptively long, and I’ve burned out to early before. This time I finished with a little gas in the tank, and sore legs.

Next? 13.1 in June! My plan is to run 2, 4, and maybe 6 mile runs between now and then. With a month and a half until Grandma’s Half I hope to have a good race as long as I stay healthy!

Have you been a back of the pack runner?

Favorite music to listen to while running?

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