Summer 2017 Goals

June is here!! And while the official start of Summer isn’t…Minnesota has other plans. I’m a little worried about this summer as a lot of my weekends are already planned, but there are a few things I know I want to do.

dead end road

  1. Outdoor Live Music – this might be the state fair, it might not.
  2. St. Paul Saints Game – I went once last year, but need to go again!
  3. Bike! I’m not sure where, but somewhere. Once a week would be lovely, but didn’t happen last year when I tried.
  4. Swim! I soaked my wetsuit over the weekend, there’s no reason why I can’t jump in a few times.
  5. Run…a post to come soon about my plan for Grandma’s Half, we shall see what other races I attempt this summer/fall.
  6. Pizza Farm. Its been a goal for a few years, it really needs to happen.
  7. Milk Jam – Its shameful, I haven’t been there yet.
  8. Como Zoo – its been a few years, I need to get back!
  9. Plan a trip – I’ve got lots of places I want to go. California, New Orleans, Nashville, I just need to schedule it!
  10. Finish my MBA – ahhh yes. By the end of August I will be done with all of the homework.

What are your plans for the summer?

5 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Goals

  1. These are great plans. Pizza Farm was a goal of ours before we moved, but no dice. Looks like you have some fun things planned, and MN is such a beautiful state to explore once you slather on the sunscreen and bug spray. 🙂

  2. I have yet to get to Milkjam too! I’ll go if you need a date! We just went to the zoo, they’re going to be opening a butterfly exhibit soon, might be worth checking it out!

  3. Hooray for almost being done with your MBA program! It’s going to feel amazing when you finish! You’ve got a good list of goals for the summer. I need to make a summer bucket list in my new bullet journal! Some things I want to do include swimming once/week when the summer swim club starts at Nokomis (it’s free on Tuesday nights!), take lots of bike rides, train for the YWCA spring tri and a half marathon on 9/9, and go on our first camping trip with the camping stuff we got for our wedding!

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