Joy: Exploring

I finished yoga on Saturday morning with plans to do a few things around my apartment, and I got outside the studio, saw the beautiful day, and knew there was no way I was staying inside.

paved bike trail minneapolis

I texted a friend to see if she wanted to go for a bike ride, and we decided to attempt the trail that could go to Stillwater. We didn’t say we were going to Stillwater, because its an 18 mile out and back trail, for a grand total of 36 miles. Instead we chose to park at the Maplewood Community center and ride as far as it felt good. Since it was our first time on the Gateway trail we went about 7 miles in before deciding that was enough of an adventure of the day. At least by bike.

We then ventured into White Bear Lake to check out Big Wood Brewery, and then to Washington Square Bar and Grill. Both had patios, so other than my sleeping hours and yoga hour, I was outside all day long. It was perfect! Maybe we will make it to Stillwater by bike someday, but its okay that it didn’t happen. We still saw a new part of the metro, and had a great time!

*Of course there were quite a few bike mishaps, but we got it all figured out.

Do you plan your weekends? Or do you wait until the moment of to see what you’re in the mood for?

One thought on “Joy: Exploring

  1. The Gateway Trail is awesome! My friend and I biked it to Stillwater a couple of years ago except at that point, the trail didn’t go all the way to Stillwater so we got a bit lost and had to bike on a busy highway for a stretch. But it was a fun experience. It was my longest bike ride ever. I think that was a good plan to just bike as far as felt good to you guys versus making yourself keep going just for the sake of going to Stillwater. You still saw a beautiful new-to-you path!

    I do tend to plan out our weekends, mostly because a lot of our friends have kids so planning in advance is kind of necessary. But I do allow some stretches of open time to do what I feel like doing!

    Also, I saw your comment about Maui and I totally get why you guys stayed in the Kaanapali area. Napili Bay is not good for handicap accesssibility! It’s nice that they have paved paths along the water in that area and in Lahaina!

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