Joy: going my own way

I tend to over schedule myself. But I’m trying to chose what I want to do, and what will be best for me. So last night I went to a wedding, but left as the dance started up. It was so good to see friends, but at the same time I knew I didn’t want to stay out late and need to recover today.highway 210 railroad tracksSo I took it easy. And was able to wake up today ready for family time, homework, and preparing for another work week, and of course the drive back to the cities.

My road might not look like anyone else’s, I’m single, no kiddos, living in the smallest studio in St. Paul, and about to complete a MBA with no idea of what my next job will be. I have to remind myself that I need to be okay with going my own way. Following someone else’s path is most likely not going to be a road to my own success.

Do you go your own way?

Or do you feel pulled toward’s someone else’s directions?

2 thoughts on “Joy: going my own way

  1. The older I get the more I realise how important it is to do what makes one happy. Life is too short! It is your journey so enjoy the roads you choose 🙂

  2. I definitely went my own way. My closest college friends are celebrating 10+ years of marriage and they done having kids whereas I’m a newlywed and just embarking on starting a family. I focused more on my career in my 20s – not so much by choice but because I hadn’t met someone special so it made sense to get my MBA and CFA while I had time to do so. Everyone has their own path and I have had to learn to not compare my life to others because it’s just not going to help. I do try to focus on the things I’ve been able to do because I got married later – like the fabulous trips I have taken!

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