Joy: Organized Chaos

I have survived the weekend. I traveled to Duluth, navigated the crazy traffic of race visitors clogging canal park, ran 13.1 miles (with plenty of walking included), came home to see my family/celebrate fathers day and also shower a friend with blessings before her sweet baby arrives in July.

Thankfully I took today (Monday) off so that I wasn’t additionally stressed on Sunday evening with traveling back to St. Paul and preparing for another work week. Instead I got to wake up slowly, pack my stuff, and I might get to go golfing (if the weather holds)!

I made a royal mess of my schedule for Tuesday. I told one friend I couldn’t meet up because I had class, only to realize days later that no, classes are now on Wednesdays. And then my dad told me that he has a good family friend visiting who has been sick lately and wants to see me when he flies in on Tuesday. So my first day back of the work week is going to be a crazy one. But oh well.

A race recap will be posted eventually, in short: its better to train, but thankfully I made it through. I was bummed to miss my favorite sight on the course, the chain of trolls pictured above, but had this photo from my last time at Grandma’s 2 years ago.

Do you ever double book? Or are you good at limiting your commitments each day?


3 thoughts on “Joy: Organized Chaos

  1. I used to double book all the time because I had a hard time saying no, but something about motherhood has slowed me down a little bit. And hey – good job finishing Grandma’s! I’m super impressed you did it without much training, you’re a Badass!

    • Thank you Beth! And yes, if I had others that I needed to share my schedule with I probably would slow down quite a bit.

  2. Congrats on finishing the half! That is great! And yes, training always helps but it’s good that you were able to get through it and have that experience! You were smart to take Monday off since you had so much going on this weekend! Although it sounds like your week is off to a busy start!

    I religiously use my planner so I don’t double book but I do over-commit which is something I am working on!

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