Joy: Getting Out

Weekends are sacred. They are my time to get stuff done, my time to relax, and my time to do what I want. Sometimes that means everything is scheduled, sometimes that means nothing is scheduled. This weekend I only had one true plan, sitting in a salt cave at 2 pm on Saturday. Everything else was open with some ideas of what to do. For me, there’s nothing better than pizza and an early bedtime on a Friday, but that’s not what I ended up with.hudson wisconsin, wisconsin vs minnesota, across the border, new glares

A friend of mine works from home and loves to camp with her husband. They were setting up for the weekend just across the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, which as a Saint Paul resident is fairly easy to visit (although I hadn’t done it in the almost 2 years that I lived here). If I am going to venture into that dark side Eastern state, I typically am only sliding into Superior quick to buy New Glarus beer while visiting Duluth.

Stillwater, MN has always been my destination if I want a cute downtown near the river, I had never considered Hudson, WI. But when my friend asked if I was available to meet up with her and her husband I knew it would be good to get out of my apartment and do something a little different.

Without intending to we were talking and laughing for almost 5 hours. And as I type this on Saturday late morning I have no idea what the rest of today will bring. All I know is I went against my usual plan last night and it worked out. So maybe I should go against the plan again.

3 thoughts on “Joy: Getting Out

  1. That’s awesome that you had a chance to catch up with a good friend. 5 hours of conversation and laughter sounds wonderful! Just goes to show that sometimes it’s a good idea to ‘break your own rules’.

  2. It can definitely be good to go against the plan every now and then! I haven’t spent much time in Hudson but it’s been on my list to do so! How did you like the Salt Cave? I’ve wanted to try one.

    • The salt cave was amazing! Definitely worth its own post, which I may write in the next week or so!

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