Schedules, Calendars, Meetings, Oh My!

So close to the end of the MBA program, yet so far. This week I double booked a couple of different nights. and it all ended up working out. But I really cannot wait for Thursday night when I have no plans. (other than catching up on what I’ve neglected earlier in the week.)

tree with lights in the summer

Monday morning I an 8 am school meeting, before working 10-7, before attending a happy hour that started an hour before I could arrive.

Tuesday morning I set my alarm for 5:30 am in the hopes of working out. But no such luck, my eyes would not open. I put in my 8 hours of work before heading to class.

Today I thankfully have dinner plans with a friend and it will be so great to catch up.

Thursday as I mentioned is just work. (and hopefully a run afterwards).

Friday I’ll be working of course (this full 5 day week is going to be a little painful) and then I’m finally checking out Burch!

I like being busy, but I am so ready for a whole week where I don’t have plans. I love the fall so I’m sure September and October will be just as busy as July and August, but it will be things I want to do, and hopefully not double booking.

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