Joy: Outside

Heat is not my favorite. I love a good sunny and 75, but 80s or hotter better include shade and a cool breeze. I don’t want to be always hiding in the air conditioning, so I try to get some outside time in the evenings. If that outside time also includes relaxing over dinner, even better!

Redcow St. Paul city lights

While I originally had other dinner plans, Redcow felt like a better choice for the night. Great food, close to my apartment, and fairly low key. After a week of hustle and bustle it felt good to sit and relax. No important conversations, just enjoying the evening.

I’m a planner. I would love to have every weekend in August planned out. I’d make sure to have a good mix of activities and friends. Instead I’ve got labor day weekend planned. Everything else for now I will take as it comes. (other than I just opened a new tab to check out the St. Paul Saints Calendar, because I really want to make it to a game this year).

What type of weather do you enjoy the most?

One thought on “Joy: Outside

  1. I like 80 degree weather with low humidity and lots of sunshine – especially if I am at the lake. 75 and sunny is great, too!

    I am a huge planner, too, but I am trying to not plan out all our weekends each month so we can do what we feel like doing/make more spontaneous plans. I used to love having everything planned out in advance but that has changed as I have gotten older.

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