St. Paul: Where should I workout?

I’m so close to have quite a bit more time on my hands, and I’ve got big ideas for all the things I’m going to accomplish once my MBA is complete. First and foremost, having a more dedicated workout schedule. For the past two years I’ve done what I can when I can, and it is nowhere near what I used to be able to accomplish.

where to workout in st. paul

So I’ve got options going forward. I’ve been a loyal Corepower Yoga customer, even taking their Yoga Sculpt teacher training and teaching for almost 3 years. I’ve done a couple Orange Theory classes and loved them, and they finally have an Eagan location close to work. Finally, Alchemy announced a St. Paul location starting in September. For those not familiar, this is a Minneapolis based company. They originated downtown, and I’ve taken a few classes there, then they added NorthEast, then Edina, and now they are finally crossing the river.

Pricing wise all the classes are similar, Alchemy is the most strength focused (Similar to crossfit, but not crossfit). Orange Theory is running, rowing, and strength, whereas at Corepower is either straight up yoga, or yoga sculpt.

I feel like I should do an unlimited pass to one of them and really force myself to get there, because none of them come cheap! I’m in need of a serious reboot and cannot wait until I have more energy to devote to exercise.

Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions?


4 thoughts on “St. Paul: Where should I workout?

  1. Having just experienced the beautiful art décor bar and restaurant THE COMMODRE I would be working out there. My right arm would be in fabulous condition from lifting my wine glass while I looked at pictures of one of my favorite authors……F. Scott Fitzgerald who lived in the apartments there in 1921 and again in 1922. It was the last home he and his wife Zelda had in St. Paul. I heard you have been there!

  2. I’ve only done orange theory once, but I loved the combination of strength and cardio. I’d do that if it we’re in my area. I have no experience with the others, but they all sound like great options.

  3. That is a tough choice! I think I would choose Orangetherapy since it’s such a great overall workout from what I’ve heard. I loved having a membership to CPY and I went to Sculpt several times a week but I still felt like I needed more cardio. Which is fine because back then I was also running 3 times a week. But you can’t go wrong with any of your choices. I wish there was an Orangetherapy close to where we live. I’d love to check it out and get a class pack or something like that. But it’s so inconveniently located that I could not get there often enough to make it worth the $$$$.

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