Joy: Working Hard

I cannot believe July is basically over. How did that happen? Wasn’t the 4th two weeks ago? I didn’t intend on driving north this weekend. But when I started thinking about the things I could do in the twin cities, I realized I just wanted to get away.

I’ve realized something about myself lately. I value hard work. Its not so much the job title but the work ethic. Doing your best. Pushing through and getting the job done.

But as much as I want things to look good, I have given up on perfect. I had an exit exam for the MBA, you had to complete it in order to graduate. It’s complete, but it was not perfect. I’m working through the capstone process. I am doing my best, but it is not perfect. My group is amazing, and if I gained nothing else in 2 years, I’ve gained some amazing friends.

Sometimes the work feels hard, sometimes the work comes easy, but there will always be work. I will never sit around thinking that everything is just as it should be. But I always need to acknowledge when the work has been completed.

I will never be perfect. I can only try to be good. I can only do my best. I will not always win, but no one always wins. So here’s to one more month of the MBA life, and to an uncertain future, where all I can do is try.

Do you strive for perfection?



3 thoughts on “Joy: Working Hard

  1. I definitely tend to be a perfectionist. But that tendency starts to drop off when I am burnt out, as I was at the end of grad school. So I let things be ‘good enough’ for my sanity. Hooray for being 1 month away from being done with your MBA program. It is going to feel so good to be done with it!!!!

  2. I used to strive for perfection, but it started doing things to my well being, so like you I’ve figured out that it’s ok to strive for “good” and if it turns out perfect, then that’s great. As long as I’ve tried my best.

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