August Goal: Find the Good.

One day into the month of August and I am struggling. July was crazy busy, I was all over the place but did my best to fit everything in and have a good time. I used to have monthly goals and monthly recaps. The past two years have been more about doing the best I can with what I have. I will never be the spontaneous sort. But I admire those people. As much as I like to control my schedule, there’s nothing wrong with a good surprise.

orange pink sunriseThe sunrise on Monday was a great surprise. I hope that August can give me a few surprises. Right now I have a seemingly never-ending MBA capstone project, and the greatest desire to just disappear for a week and reappear with my life organized and new. There is no way I will get that good of a surprise, but I’m hopeful that the stress I’ve felt the last few days will have lessened by September.

I have no idea what will happen in the next month, or year, or even the rest of this week.

All I can do is my best, be hopeful, and find the good.


2 thoughts on “August Goal: Find the Good.

  1. July was crazy for me too and I am so happy for August to be here and finally slow down a bit and get back to my routine. I love the goal of finding the good! Coming back to Michigan on Sunday I found myself getting a bit down because I had just filled my cup with friends and family and then I had to come back to a place where I don’t have that community and it was a bit sad to think about. Instead, I too have been working to find the good in my current situation and where I am.

  2. Good luck with this final stretch of grad school. That final month or so is the worst because your motivation is shot and you just want to be DONE. I feel for you as I felt the exact same way during the spring of 2009 when I was wrapping up my program. It will all be behind you soon! Hope you can find some good things to focus on in August to offset the crappiness of the capstone project!!

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