MBA: Almost Done!

I want to write a super celebratory post. I really do. But I can’t. I still have a reflection paper that needs finishing. I have another presentation on the 29th. But technically… Tonight was the last time I will be on the St. Kate’s campus as a student. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate with my cohort and our guests. I should feel light and carefree. But I’m not quite there.

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Instead I’m worried about what I’ve accomplished in the last two years. Despite this accomplishment, I am more nervous for the next year. I have so many wonderful and accomplished friends, and I need a little help stoping the comparison game.

She Reads Truth gave me another great post this week, and the best line that I need to keep repeating.

Faith and Trust over Fear and Control.

I have been repeating Faith and Trust most of the summer. Anytime I find myself worrying about something I write on a sticky note “faith and trust” and maybe a few things that I need to get done over the next few days. Now I need to add on to the sentence. I don’t have too many fears, but I LOVE control. My manager at work can attest to that, my family can attest to that, anyone who’s travelled with me has seen that. I wish I could be easy breezy, but it is just not my way.

So with the free time I’m about to have, I’m going to put faith and trust over fear and control, and try my best to find the light.

And if you managed to read all of this, thank you.

And if you only read the first few lines and then judged me for putting this on the internet….Well…..that’s your choice. And I don’t have control over what you think.





4 thoughts on “MBA: Almost Done!

  1. You are in a time of huge transition, and uncertainty often comes along with that. How exciting that you are wrapping up this degree. How wonderful that you are open to the possibility of what is to come. I’m rooting for you, Katie!

  2. I would never judge you! I can understand not being quite ready to celebrate yet. It’s a huge accomplishment but I know too well how the uncertainty of what’s ahead can cloud where you are. Take it one step at a time. I am so proud of you and proud to know you no matter what! Huge congrats!

  3. No judgments here as well! I’m glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of the MBA program. It’s daunting to finish a big endeavor and then wonder – ok, now what? But hopefully you will figure out the path you want to take with time. It might not happen as quickly as you’d like but hopefully eventually the path becomes clear!

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