Joy: Fresh Start

After delicious glacier point oysters with my parents on Friday night I wasn’t certain what my Saturday would completely entail. I wasn’t able to sleep in so I visited my grandparents house and saw Johnny before he and my parents headed back up north.

glacier point oysters meritage st paul

I’ve been picky about what yoga classes I will take lately, but I finally took a chance on a new Yoga Sculpt instructor and really liked her. She had a great energy and I left class flooded with a fresh set of endorphins. Initially I had plans to meet a friend for an early dinner, but things got a bit pushed back and it ended up being perfect!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Your willingness to try new things even when you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t have a knack for it and don’t know a soul is to be commended. Risk embarrassment, gain confidence.

We travelled to Victoria, MN which is just outside of Chanhassen so St. Paul residents such as myself drive forever, but there wasn’t any traffic thankfully. Unfortunately finding parking in the small town was a little more difficult, turns out they were having food trucks, beer tent, and everyone was out to enjoy a beautiful summer evening. We got a beer from Enki brewing, which was new to me but delicious, walked around, and waited until the Noble Lion had outdoor seating available. Their calamari was delicious, and the mussels were even better! (Although the best mussels in the world are at New Scenic Cafe and surprisingly my friend and I both have had them and loved them).

We finished eating just in time to enjoy the fireworks where I started to realize how great a day I was having. Things are starting to turn around. And like my horoscope for today says…I am willing to try new things, and yesterday that paid off with a fun evening.

How often do you explore new areas?

Any other fun small towns near the metro I need to check out?

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  1. Victoria is such a cute, charming town. I haven’t been there for a long time but remember thinking it was adorable when I went there last.

    We did some exploring this weekend, too, as we went camping in the Tofte, MN area. I hadn’t been in that area since I was a small child – so small that I don’t have any memories of being there. We did lots of hiking and went to Grand Marais on Saturday afternoon. We had done a lot of hiking that day so we spent a lot of time sitting along the water. The beach was perfect for rock skipping, which is one of Phil’s favorite things to do.

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