Joy: Braving the Weather

Rain will not get in my way. Friday night I visited the Minnesota State Fair and while rain was forecasted, it held off until I got home.

Saturday I attended yoga sculpt, and ran a few errands. I texted a friend to go for a walk despite another forecast of rain. Unfortunately this time the rain didn’t hold off. So our walk was cut a little bit short. Another friend was braving the weather with a volleyball tournament so I visited and enjoyed the evening.

I could have hidden inside and complained about the weather. Instead I got outside and had a good time. There’s still all of Sunday to enjoy, and while I have an MBA presentation on Tuesday, there is no homework to do tonight!



One thought on “Joy: Braving the Weather

  1. I’m glad the rain held off for your night at the fair! The rain didn’t impact us too much as we were busy most of Saturday preparing for the birthday dinner I hosted for my husband. The rain did prevent us from being able to eat outside so we were kind of crammed into our (small) house but it all worked out. On Sunday I didn’t feel well so all I did was go to the Farmer’s Market in the morning and worked in my garden in the afternoon, and both were done during rain-free periods. Since I didn’t feel well and spent most of the day on the couch, I actually didn’t mind that it was rainy/cloudy as I felt less guilty being cooped up inside!

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