After Party Sale, the best end to Summer.

Labor Day Weekend is almost here! I don’t know what I’m more excited for, the 3 day weekend, or only have a 4 day work week when we come back….If you don’t like shopping, stop reading, because this post is really only for people who like shopping.

Lilly Pulitzer has been a newer addition to my wardrobe. I’ve found that there are enough solid colors/non-florida prints to wear in Minnesota. You may remember two years ago when I was at Target in April pretending like it was Black Friday.

The after party is an end of summer tradition, Lilly Pulitzer puts a good majority of their items on sale, and while you aren’t guaranteed until you’ve actually checked out, there are some great deals to be had! I’ve still got my eye on this scarf, but couldn’t justify two scarves at first. If it’s still around tomorrow I might have to bite the bullet…

elephant print scarf

I’m super pumped about the items I’ve purchased so far. The cashmere scarf is what I am most excited for, saving over $150 (although I would have never paid that much for one scarf). 
lilly pulitzer on sale

Do you love a good deal? or do you only buy exactly what you need? (if so, teach me your ways).

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