Twin Cities 10 Mile: The Plan

Ohh Friends. I am a crazy person. This summer I signed for the TC 10 Mile lottery, and was accepted! I assumed with finishing the MBA program I would have plenty of time and energy on my hands to devote to training….and that has not been the case.

Instead? I have attended plenty of Alchemy classes (a post on that coming soon) and still go to Restore at Corepower on Tuesday nights. It hasn’t been the best, but its what I’ve been in the mood to do. However I’m also stubborn. So I can’t just not run. I paid to run, I’m going to run….or run/walk.

So here’s hoping for decent weather, legs that can propel me forward, and a commitment to following the course.

4 thoughts on “Twin Cities 10 Mile: The Plan

  1. Good luck! At least you are going into it with reasonable expectations. And it’s a pretty course so hopefully that will be a fun distraction. I am registered for it as well but I had to stop running in July when I had some complications with my pregnancy and then with all the RA flares, I haven’t been able to get back to running and doubt I will until after the baby arrives. So I will DNS this race, which sucks, but it’s out of my control! I also had to DNS the 1/2 marathon i was supposed to do with my sister so I guess I will view those race fees as ‘donations’.

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