Joy: Fuel

Supposedly I’m running 10 miles today. Here’s hoping the rain holds off until I’m done. However I did run my only marathon in the rain, so I suppose I can do it if I have to. I know what proper race fuel is…but I’m pretty much breaking all those rules.

bread and chocolate st paul mn

Saturday morning I considered heading to Mucci’s for a doughscuit and coffee when a friend suggested meeting up closer to our apartment instead. So I got my second favorite pastry, a cream cheese filled croissant and delicious swedish latte. (a reminder to myself, I can always use more cardamon in my life.)

Saturday afternoon a friend suggested visiting Dangerous Man Brewing, and I’ve been wanting to go for weeks, so I couldn’t turn down that suggestion. Not the best pre-race choices. But choices I am making anyways.

Life is for living. So instead of thinking about tomorrow, I’m just going to enjoy today. (or rather yesterday, since this is being scheduled for Sunday).

Do you do what feels best in the moment? or do you prioritize for what will pay off in the future?

8 thoughts on “Joy: Fuel

    • It’s the chef’s special combination of a doughnut and a biscuit. Its more filling than a donut and super delicious! If you’re in the twin cities area, get yourself to Mucci’s on a Saturday or Sunday morning!

    • 10 miles is daunting! When I first started running I could do 3, 4, and 5 miles. Anything over that is just the brain power to convince yourself to keep going! Some days are harder than others, but the runners high (when it does come) is so worth it!

  1. I think since this race was something you were just going to ‘do’ and not something that you had a serious goal for, then you make the right decision to enjoy the beautiful day on Saturday and do some fun things! I bet it feels good to have this race behind you!

    • it does feel good! And there were two moments during the race when I was happy to be on the course, but so many moments when I missed running in Duluth. So I’m all signed up to run Grandma’s half again next year. And i really truly promise (this time for real) to properly train! (god willing of course!)

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