TC 10 Mile Recap 2017

I swore this post was scheduled to post, and then I thought it was weird that no one commented on Facebook…until I started writing Sunday’s post and realized this was still in “draft” mode. Oops! I was super sore Monday/Tuesday, and finally starting to use my legs Wednesday. I made it to Alchemy Thursday AND Friday morning. And now I’m typing quick before I head to Denver!

twin cities 10 mile start line

Race morning went smooth. I left my apartment at 5 am and after picking up my friends and riding the light rail, got to U.S. Bank Stadium about 5:50 am. More than plenty of time before the race started, but thats better than feeling rushed. There was some slight drizzle before the race started, and just as the first groups were released, the real rain came. The first two miles were all rain and the entire race is basically an uphill battle.

twin cities ten mile race

Now that I live in the twin cities I have a better understanding of the route although I’ll never know it as well as I know the Grandma’s Half course. It felt so good to be crossing the river from Minneapolis into St. Paul, however I will always prefer lakes to rivers. The Grandma’s Marathon/Half Marathon course along Lake Superior really cannot be beat. However the races are equally well organized.

summit avenue twin cities marathon

It was very hard to run past the turn for my apartment. i thought of all my comfy clothes, shoes that didn’t give me blisters, and most importantly a hot shower. I kept going though and made it to the finish. Even better, once I was done I hurried to Muccis and got my fix of a doughscuit and piece of pizza.

What is your favorite race course? What is your preferred post-race food?

2 thoughts on “TC 10 Mile Recap 2017

  1. I think the Twin Cities 10 mile is actually one of my favorite courses. That or the full marathon because you get lakes and rivers and the beauty of Summit ave. I lived along the Mississippi so I ran along it quite a bit so I am kind of indifferent to running by a lake or a river – I’m happy as long as there is water next to me!

    I bet it felt so good to be done at the end, especially since you weren’t super excited for this race (with your busy fall/lack of time to train). It’s tough to start out in the rain because then your feet are soggy for the whole race and you might chafe more than usual. I ran my 2nd marathon in the rain. It poured at the start and then tapered off to a lighter rain but it still rained for every minute of that 4:22 marathon! I was so happy to be done at the end. I still PR’d so it was a great race but I could not get out of those soggy clothes fast enough!!

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