Joy: Plans

Greetings from Denver! ….err…Once again I had a post scheduled but it didn’t actually post? Oh well. I have got October completely booked in the best way. When I was struggling this summer I made fun plans for the fall and they are finally here!

October 1: TC 10 Mile!

October 6: Denver Weekend!

October 14: Minnesota Blogger’s Conference

October 21: Hocus Pocus Drag Brunch

I didn’t plan anything for the last weekend in October thinking I’d go up north…but now thats a little questionable. So I’m letting a few more weeks play out before I make that decision.

What fun things are you looking forward to?

2 thoughts on “Joy: Plans

  1. I hope you had a fun weekend in Denver! I bet it is great to fill up your calendar with fun things after having to focus on your MBA for the last couple of years! October is a full and fun month for us, too. I go to Chicago today for work and come back late Friday night. Then we are hosting another couple for a game night on Saturday night. The next week we have our 20 week ultrasound. We can’t wait to see our baby as the last time we saw it was at the 9 week ultrasound! Then the last week of the month we are going to Asheville, NC for one last pre-baby hurrah! The day after we get back, we are hosting our annual pumpkin carving party. So there is lots to look forward to. And then in November I have a trip to NYC to visit a friend and meet their new baby, then Thanksgiving and then the holiday fun! The rest of the year is going to fly by!

    • Hooray for a trip to Asheville! I can’t think of a better baby moon vacation spot! I’m sure the 20 week ultrasound will be exciting, so many changes from the 9 week!

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