48 Hours in Denver

I went to a workout class on Friday morning, and a yoga class Sunday afternoon, and in between that time I flew to Denver and back. I definitely need more time in Denver, but if you’re looking for a quick trip with maximum enjoyment, Denver is definitely the place to go.

herman gultch trail

I started my trip flying into Denver and taking the train from Union Station. I could have spent all weekend exploring downtown. Definitely no car rental needed if you don’t want to hike mountains.

I headed straight to Denver Brew Company and got a flight and tacos from a food truck. The beers were delicious, and the taco hit the spot, but the crowd was noisy and not my vibe. So I walked to Prost Brewery, with traditional German beers, and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon. After meeting up with my friends near their work we stopped at Ratio, which had great beers and great atmosphere.

Saturday brought hiking, another brewery (Westbound & Down) a dive bar visit (Don’s) and oysters/pizza for dinner. I realized during my hike that i’ve never actually officially hiked before. My mom and I like a good long walk, but it doesn’t usually include altitude, and it usually includes a paved sidewalk so we can push Johnny in the wheelchair. I can see more hiking in my future. And I’ve already had oysters and pizza since my trip.

This week has been crazy busy post-trip. I am attending the Minnesota Blogger’s Conference on Saturday and can’t wait to meet new people, learn new things, and spend a little time writing posts.

What are your favorite spots in Denver?

What types of food do you eat when you go on vacation?

3 thoughts on “48 Hours in Denver

  1. Sounds like an awesome getaway! I love visiting Denver – the hiking is awesome and the weather is great! I haven’t spent much time in Denver as most of my trips have been to areas outside of Denver like Boulder or Rocky Mountain National Park! What I eat when we travel varies but tacos and Indian food are popular choices for us!

  2. I really want to go to Denver – but haven’t had the chance to! (Other than driving through…) Random thought…wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could design a high-activity, affordable wheelchair? Like an all terrain, but with some kind of assistive device so you’re not pushing someone straight up a mountain. Anyway – your comment about sticking to paved trails made me think of that! 🙂

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