Joy: Comfort

October has been good to me. Tuesday night I not only attended the Hanson concert, but also had dinner at Bar La Grassa. I strayed from my typical order and tried the smoked spaghetti all chitarra with brown butter and lobster (it is quite the name, and quite the dish) it was flavorful and delicious. You can’t ask for much more. Other than maybe the wine I had in my glass.

I am so glad that I have friends who can just be. Who can enjoy an awesome dinner, chat, catch up, and not need to take shots or be distracted by something else in order to hang out together.

Friendships are valuable, so is time. I may not be able to devote as much time to each of my friends as I would like, but I am glad that when the time is available, we can make the most of it. It is okay to admit when something isn’t right. It is okay to share when you are struggling. And everyone deserves to find some comfort.

Comfort might mean going out for a night, or it might mean staying in. What you need to be comfortable may change, and that is okay.

What brings you comfort?

2 thoughts on “Joy: Comfort

  1. Yum, that pasta dish looks amazing! I love brown butter sauces so would have been all over that! And lobster! Yum!

    Having friends like the ones you described is so important. I also don’t spend as much time with friends as I would like but it’s great that we can always pick up where we left over when we get together. Having friends where you can just be yourself is so comforting!

    These days, I get the most comfort from quiet days at home. I’ve been so tired and the string of flares I continue to get doesn’t help. So I love afternoons spent at home on the couch. Especially if our cat is snuggling with me. She makes napping even easier because she calms me so much and it makes me sleepy to see her sleeping!

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