Hanson love forever.

My 10 year old self is so impressed with me. I dreamed of meeting the Hanson brothers. They were probably my first crush (no I did not pick a favorite, I was open to whatever opportunity became available).

hanson first ave minneapolis minnesota

I wasn’t lucky enough to meet them last week, but I was able to be in the same room as them, and that is more than enough! Hearing them sing live the songs that have gotten me through so many difficult times in my life was so comforting (throw back to my post from Sunday).

Sitting on the side
Waiting for a sign
Hoping that my luck will change
Reaching for a hand that can understand someone who feels the same
When you live in a cookie cutter world if you’re different you can’t win
So you don’t stand out and you don’t fit in

After buying a t-shirt (obviously, and yes I wore it to work the next day) my friend Emily and I found a random table that had a great view of the side of the stage. Since all women were attending (and a few men, but overwhelmingly a female crowd) we could see all three of the guys.

hanson middle of everywhere first ave

They played everything I could have wanted. And there were a few songs that I didn’t recognize since I am so devoted to their first album. Hearing On and On was very cool, while I may seem like a super fan, I’m not an actual fan club member, so I hadn’t heard this song before. The same was true for “I Was Born”

Don’t need a map, I can’t be directed
I’ve got a madness, don’t need the method
My heart is a weapon and my mind’s electric
I’ll shock the world when you least expect it
Everybody’s betting on the big guy
But don’t underestimate the sting of the butterfly

10 year old me and no idea what my 29 year old life would look like, and seeing Hanson in concert proves that life is pretty darn good.

What are your thoughts about Hanson? Did you know they had songs other than Mmmbop?

5 thoughts on “Hanson love forever.

  1. It was such a fun concert! I wish we had found you guys but after we ended up where we were upstairs it seemed like the best place to stay. I loved all the songs they played. My favorite is Penny and Me and I loved hearing it live!

  2. I was never into Hanson – I think I was a little bit older when they became famous. I might have already been in college? I can’t remember. But I love that you went to see a band that you loved when you were younger and that you still love them so much!!

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