Joy: Balance

As I adjust to a life without homework I find that I am filling my week nights! If I were planning a perfect schedule I would have plans on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and some Friday nights. I like Monday and Tuesday to be home cooking dinner, doing laundry, maybe going to restorative yoga. But life isn’t always balanced. So last week and this coming week I have plans each weeknight evening.

I can be a tricky thing. It requires committing to early morning workouts, and attempting to eat healthy while out, or finding quicker yet still healthy options before I go out or once I get home. But the plans I have I want to be at. So its not like I can just say “no”. I would be disappointed if I didn’t say “yes”.

Today I’m up north, it was a 24 hour trip, but it is part of finding the balance. Friday night I had dinner with friends celebrating a new job (not for me) Saturday I went to Alchemy and a Hocus Pocus themed brunch. But I still needed a little family time, so north I went!

What does balance look like for you? How many week nights do you make plans for?

2 thoughts on “Joy: Balance

  1. As I have gotten older, balance looks a lot different for me. Now I prefer to only have plans 2 nights a week and one night of the weekend. I like to keep our schedule a bit more open so that was can do spontaneous game nights with the couple we are best friends with. I’m also trying to cut back on planning as we prepare to become parents as I need to practice saying ‘no’. My problem is that I ofgten say yes to things out of obligation and then when the plans approach, I am not all that excited about doing all the things I committed to because I am overwhelmed or tired. I think it was different when I was younger and single. Now that I am married I need to carve out time to spend with Phil and if I’m not intentional about that, then we don’t get enough time together and don’t feel as connected as we’d like to be. September and October have been on the over-planned side but my calendar is a bit more quiet for November. I know December will be crazy with holiday stuff, though. But the good thing about some months being really busy is that time flies and right now that’s a good thing as we can’t wait to meet our baby in March. 🙂

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