Vacation Friday

I have tomorrow off. And I’m not sure I’m doing “vacation” right. I was hoping to be able to head up to Duluth, but it doesn’t seem to be a good use of time since I’d like to stay overnight, but also don’t want to pay those hotel prices (I’d rather spend the money in December when Bentleyville is open).

fall leaves blue sky

So I’m making the most of the fall day by getting my oil changed, attending Social Media Breakfast, getting a massage, and hopefully the expected Snow/Rain won’t get in the way too much. I don’t want to sit in my apartment, but some of that might happen.

I was so worried this summer about my remaining vacation days. I didn’t go to the waterpark or valley fair. I hope that next year I do a better job of allocating my time so I know what days off I need and what days I can just take off for fun.

How do you allocate vacation days?

Do you save them all for December? Or use them up by September?


One thought on “Vacation Friday

  1. I hope you had a relaxing day at home on Friday. I really love having a day off to spend at home. It’s nice to get things done during the day, like oil changes or doctors appointments. I tend to spread my vacation days out throughout the year. I need to use them up before the Christmas holiday season as both of my coworkers take time off around Christmas/NYE so I need to be in the office. One co-worker takes the last 2 weeks of the year off! It sounds like in theory because it’s a relaxing way to close out the year, but I try to take my vacation days when the weather is nicer so I can do stuff outside.

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