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I found my new favorite brewery yesterday. Pryes has a beautiful space, plenty of parking, and a food menu. Plus, the beers I had were wonderful! Now two of them were special released for halloween, but I will definitely be back to try more on their regular menu.

pryes brewery minneapolis

I love checking out new places, and being in the Twin Cities there are so many options. I don’t know if I could ever get to all the breweries, never mind the distilleries that are also opening.

What are your favorite breweries? Do you keep going to the same ones? Or are you checking out the new ones as they open?

8 thoughts on “Joy: Breweries

    • Have a great trip!! (in case I forget to say it closer to Thanksgiving). It is definitely an acquired taste, and what is always confusing is how different every brewery is!

  1. I haven’t been to Pryes in person yet, but Miraculum is one of my favorite beers so I really want to get over there one of these days! We love checking out new places as they open up!

  2. I don’t drink beer – I’ve never liked it! But Phil loves beer, especially IPAs so we tend to go to breweries somewhat often, especially on vacation. On this past vacation we went to 2, one of which was New Belgium which is his favorite brewery. It was really fun to tour their brewery!

  3. Haven’t been there yet, but had good things! I do go to the same ones, especially when I’m introducing new people. But I always like to check out the new ones as they open. Dangerous Man is one of my faves in Mpls and Barrel Theory in St. Paul!

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