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I have friends from the Internet. And I love it. And them. They aren’t the same as the relationships I built in Aitkin, or at Gustavus, but sometimes I am more honest with strangers than I am with friends.

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For those that know me through family, you see a different side of me than my coworkers see. For those that know me from Aitkin, you may remember the 3rd grader who cried all the time, or the middle schooler who unfortunately really liked kissing her boyfriend (i am slightly more discrete these days). Or you met me anywhere between ages 16 and 26 when I was certain I was grown up (I wasn’t, and I still am not).

The internet has opened up so many doors for me. With someone who I may only see twice a year, I can send a message on Linked In and get a job recommendation. With a girl who lived in Wisconsin, is from Iowa, and loves science (aka Emily) can end up being a wonderful friend who I can FaceTime and have quick real talk whenever is necessary. And then there are the casual acquaintences who I may only know from Twitter. But they know some of my secrets.

What do you use the internet for? Travel plans? Wedding plans? Recipes?

Have you ever met anyone through the internet? Online dating?

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  1. I’ve made so many friends through blogging. I started to blog in 2008. That was a time when a lot of my college friends were starting to get married and have kids and I was single. So blogging allowed me to connect with people in similar life phases and with similar interests, like running and reading. I had 2 tables of bloggers at my wedding and I was a bridesmaid in 2 blog friend’s weddings. Now I have a private facebook group with the girls I’ve met through blogging. Many of them have stopped blogging or blog way less so the FB group has been a great way to keep up with each other. Most of the time they know more about what is going on in my life than my college/local friends do!

    • That is so awesome! I have some great friends through blogging, but of my close friends none of them have built those kind of relationships. Its hard to explain to others who haven’t experienced the blogging community.

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