Alchemy: Two Months In!

There’s a “new” studio in town! I use quotations because I attended my first Alchemy workout shortly after North Loop opened in 2015, but since then they have added 3 more studios in the Twin Cities. Once I heard they were crossing the river into St. Paul, I signed up!

Price: uff da my friends. Once you’ve committed to group fitness you swallow the price tag and commit yourself to getting to class. I was lucky enough to nab a “founding member” membership which means I have a slight discount for the first year.

Workouts: Think of crossfit and corepower melding together into one class. The A10 and A20 classes are the main classes, I’ve attended 1 AStrong, and will eventually make my way into an APulse. But for now A10 and A20 are my jam.

Gear: Free TOWELS! (seriously, annoying that Corepower charges $2 per towel). Bring water. No need for shoes in the A10 or A20 (although some do wear them). No need for a mat.

Actual Workout: 15ish minutes of a warm up, 15ish minutes of a cool down. In-between there is either 10 minutes or 20 minutes of a high intensity workout. Each day the workout changes, and each location does the same workout. Plus! You can view a sneak peek of the workout on their Instagram stories the night before, or check the website for a write up of the workout.

Results: 2 months in I’m definitely stronger! As for weight, that has remained about the same. But that’s more my choices than the workout style.


One thought on “Alchemy: Two Months In!

  1. That’s great that you are liking Alchemy! It’s nice that they provide a towel. It’s ridiculous, IMO, that Core Power doesn’t given the cost of a membership there! The classes sound really awesome! I haven’t ever tried Alchemy as there aren’t any that are close to where we live. But it’s something I would check out if there was one close to me!

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