Joy: 218

I already had a “joy” post with “home” in the title. So 218 was my way of differentiating my posts. I came home “for no reason”. My reason was I hadn’t been home in a while. Or more that the last time I was home it was only for 23 hours and it was strictly for family time. Even with “no” plans, I still filled the day, and have more that I wanted to get done.

golden draft light bottle

I drove straight to my parents house and unpacked my car, I had an appointment for new tires Saturday morning and didn’t want to hassle with bringing the car in at 9 am. I met my dad for dinner at the 40 club, one of my favorite places in town. We were still home by 10 pm and I got to sleep in without an alarm set.

Saturday I was lazy (which was a nice change) and eventually met up with a friend at her parents’ house to catch up. I had to leave “quickly” aka after 2 and a half hours to meet up with another friend. I finally went to the Iron Range Eatery. Which was delicious, although I forgot to pick up my kickstarter rewards. Which means I’ll “have to” stop in again when I’m home in December.

I wish I could move back to Aitkin. Yes I was single for three years, yes the job opportunities are limited, but dang it I love that place. I hope that someday life will take me back, until then I will visit as often as I can, and love every minute of it. I didn’t do everything I wanted, I still need to do some downtown shopping, and I didn’t go to brainerd for a workout. But there is always next time!


How often do you go to your hometown? What is your favorite thing to do there?

One thought on “Joy: 218

  1. Sounds like a great visit home! So “home” is kind of a confusing concept for me. My parents still live in the town in ND that I grew up in, but I never go there as they are at the lake home every weekend. I honestly HATED my hometown, though, so if I never go back, I would not be sad. Small town life was just not a good fit for me. My town was particularly small, though. 500 people! My class had 28 people in it. So now home is “the lake” which is a place that I love visiting. I don’t get there as often as my parents would like but I just hate the traffic on 94! But I love going there when I can. I pretty much only see my immediate family when I go to the lake, though. Sometimes i can fit in time with a cousin whose parents also have a lake home in the area but she has 3 young kids so it’s tough to get time with her.

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