Joy: Thankful

I’m slow on the blogging game. I’ve found that I just don’t want to spend time online after my workday, so posts will continue to be sporadic, and I have no idea what 2018 will look like.

I had to work on Black Friday, which meant no traveling to see my parents and brother. Thankfully my mom’s family lives in the Twin Cities so I was able to still be with family on Thanksgiving.

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Work was crazy busy on Friday. I plugged in my headphones and stayed on task, I skipped lunch hoping that I could leave early, but alas it was too busy for that. I owe the blog a dating update post, but its safe to say I’m still single at this point.

I decided to drive north on Friday night to see friends and relax in the quiet. I like my little apartment, but I relax so much better when I’m in Aitkin. I’m hoping to map out my plans for the next few weeks so I have a good balance of activities.

My list of things I’m thankful for remains pretty constant over the years: my friends, my family, and coffee.

Thank you for continuing to read this little corner of the internet.

One thought on “Joy: Thankful

  1. I usually work on black Friday, too, as our office is open. But this year I took it off as I hosted my family for dinner that night so wanted to have the day to finish preparing for dinner. Plus it is so slow on black Friday in our office as so many of our clients are out so I usually get super bored when I do work. I’m glad you were still able to make it up to Aitkin for the weekend!

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