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Growing up in the 218 area code the entire Twin Cities Metro area is typically shortened to “the cities”. And I’m not certain how many of us knew that was supposed to mean Minneapolis and St. Paul. It may have been Maple Grove, Anoka, or Burnsville. Anything with a mall that wasn’t St. Cloud or Duluth fits into the obscure area of “the cities”.

spitz minneapolis prince wall

Because I have family in Edina (yes, Every Day I Need Attention). I had a little better sense of direction, but it was more because Johnny went to St. Paul Children’s Hospital, and Minneapolis had the Metronome.

Now I’ve lived in St. Paul for over 2 years. I can discuss the different neighborhoods within Minneapolis if I want, but I definitely don’t know everything about “the cities”. And I still am happiest “up north”.

BUT! Yesterday I was able to get lunch with a friend at Spitz in NorthEast, and I will be going there a few more times even if parking sucks, because it was delicious!

How specific are you about areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul? Do you put the metro in one big lump, or get super neighborhood specific?

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  1. Since I am also from the 218 area code I tend to lump everything in the metro together too even though I realize it’s vague. But what is also vague is people from “the cities” saying they are heading “up north”! Are they heading to Brainerd or International Falls? I’ve also wondered where “up north” starts……..

    • I’m fairly certain “up north” starts anywhere past Anoka…. Although the International Falls community should probably shame that behavior.

  2. Oh man, this cracked me up. I’m from Minneapolis and went to UMD for college and had NEVER heard anyone refer to it as “the cities” until I got to college. I eventually started calling it that after getting so used to hearing it all the time, but I loved your description of any place with a mall. lol 🙂

  3. I grew up in ND and we also referred to this MSP as ‘the cities’. I’ve lived here for 13 years now so it’s definitely ‘home’ for me now. I had the opposite experience that you did as I kind of hate the area where I grew up and never go back there (I only see my parents at their lake home as they are there every weekend year round). But my hometown was WAY smaller than yours, I think. I had a graduating class of 28.

    I’m definitely more of a Minneapolis person than a St. Paul person, mostly because I’ve spent the bulk of my time in Minneapolis so it’s what I’m used to/more familiar with. There are areas of St. Paul that I like, I just don’t get over there very often since all my friends live on the Minneapolis side or in the west metro area. I live in South Minneapolis which is an area that I LOVE. I lived downtown for several years and loved it there, but I find that I actually love South Minneapolis more. When I lived downtown, no one wanted to come over because parking was such a bear. But now that we have ample street parking where we live, we have people over way more often.

    I will be in St. Paul on Friday, though, as I’m meeting my MIL at Brasa for lunch and then we are going to Baby on Grand to look at gliders!

    • Brasa lunch and grand ave shopping sounds wonderful!! Enjoy!!! Also, I agree with South Minneapolis being wonderful. Generally no parking issues, lots of good places. St. Paul has that, you just have to avoid lower town.

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