Joy: Wrestling

Wrestling comes in many forms. I watched plenty of wrestling matches growing up in Aitkin. But pro wrestling is completely different, and very entertaining.

wrestling in minneapolis

A few years ago I learned a friend of mine used to ref wrestling matches, as a result he knew a few wrestlers. It turns out one of those wrestlers was another friend’s sister. A year or so later, we all got to go watch wrestling! We stayed for over 2 hours, which I did not expect. Towards the end there was some blood from a cheese grater to the face….which….i did not appreciate (to put it mildly). But it was definitely a fun experience overall.

Have you ever watched a wrestling match?


2 thoughts on “Joy: Wrestling

    • It probably wasn’t for most, but it was very funny/fascinating. It helped to go with a group and have our friend Craig who knew what to expect.

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