Day Off Done Lazy

I didn’t use all of my vacation time during the year. I was certain I would get sick or need to take some time off. Thankfully that didn’t happen. However that meant I needed to use my time in December since my current company doesn’t allow carrying vacation time over into the next year.

With my time I had great ideas for what I would get done: sleeping in, working out, trying restaurants that I plan to go to but never get to, and of course cleaning my apartment and preparing christmas gifts.

I didn’t get the restaurant visits, my apartment isn’t perfectly clean, and the christmas gifts still need a little work. But the time away from work to clear my head was priceless. I listened to a workshop that helped me think about my 2018 goals and hopefully I will have more to share soon!

What do you do with vacation days?

Do you plan fun things, or just see where the day takes you?



3 thoughts on “Day Off Done Lazy

  1. I love days off like the one you took. I use most of my vacation days for travel plans but I always use some to relax or get things done around the house. I had last Friday off and it ended up being a pretty full day as I did some errands in the morning before meeting my MIL for lunch at Punch and glider shopping at Baby on Grand. We also stopped by the Red Balloon book store. Then I met my PT who rehabbed me for tea in the late afternoon. I hadn’t seen her in a year, which was crazy! I spent so much time with her since I had PT appts 1-2 times a week for months so we got to know each other so well! And then I ended the day with a girls night with another friend while my husband played poker with her husband. The day kind of ended up getting a bit overbooked as there wasn’t much downtime but it was nice to cross some things off the list!

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