Go To Bed: Stress Relief

Is it too early to go to bed? What’s an acceptable bedtime? I see tweets like this every week. I’ve posted plenty myself. I recommend it!

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, or just bad, sleep can help. I can put the day away and hope to start fresh tomorrow. There’s no need to stay up late drinking or eating or scrolling social media and feeling worse. Going to bed “early” is going to be different for everyone. For some it might be 10 pm, for some 7 pm. I’m not here to judge.

What’s considered an early bedtime for you?

If you’re stressed about something are you even able to fall asleep?

2 thoughts on “Go To Bed: Stress Relief

  1. If I’m stressed out, sleep does not come easily… My sleep has been pretty bad the last couple of nights and it wasn’t great to start with since I toss and turn so much and have to go to the bathroom sooo many times a night. I’m hoping that I sleep better today as I know my body – and the baby – needs the rest! My normal routine is to go up to bed around 9, read for an hour, and turn off the lights at 10. So if I am in bed with the lights out before 9, then you know I”m REALLY tired!

    • I love the reading by 9. I can be in bed a bit earlier, which doesn’t usually mean better sleep. Here’s hoping you get some good rest between now and march!!!

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