Joy: Snow

It is officially a winter wonderland! Yesterday my mom and I went for a walk on the lake, and for dinner we had a fish fry while watching the Vikings win.

I hope everyone has safe travels over the next few days. And for those who aren’t traveling, may you not go stir crazy. I bought myself a 4 pack of Disney puzzles and already quickly worked through the first 2. Johnny decided to “help” when I had 4 pieces left of the 500 piece puzzle. He made sure to inspect my work before considering it completed.

Do you enjoy the snow? or Are you wishing you could be in a sunshine state?

4 thoughts on “Joy: Snow

  1. I love snow and was bummed that we didn’t get much last week. But I would honestly prefer to be somewhere warm right now as these bitterly cold temps are the worst! I can’t wait to have this super cold stretch behind us!!

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