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I’ve read my horoscope fairly regularly since high school. Its not a mandatory part of my morning, but its certainly enjoyable. It may be a bunch of baloney, but some days it certainly seems to know my personality and what I’m thinking about…

Christmas Eve Horoscope

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You’re always improving, but it’s because you want to, not because there’s anything wrong with how you are right now. And though you’ll learn and grow, you know all you need to know to be the best you today.

Day after Christmas Horoscope

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Of course you want to choose joy. Who wouldn’t? But it’s not always so easy to see where the joy is in the situation. A lot of times, the joy is elsewhere, and you have to take yourself out of the situation to find it.


Joy was my word for 2017. 2016 had a lot of changes for me, but I wanted to recognize the good things in life. The things that made me happy and brought my joy.

Ultimately I spent most of 2017 just waiting to be done with the MBA program. It was a rocky ending that did not leave me feeling satisfied. I did my best to remain positive. I wouldn’t take away the experience, I learned a lot, and feel that I will be able to use my knowledge to lead others in the future.

Resolutions were the reason I started this blog back in 2011. I wanted 2012 to be a big year. And it was. I lived in Duluth, and by 2013 I was living in Aitkin. In 2014 I started training for triathlons while also volunteering as a dance coach. By 2015 I was living in this St. Paul studio apartment. 2016 and 2017 are a blurry combination mess. There were good things but I feel like those years were more about moving through the challenges and not seeing clear results.


I have hope for 2018, but I don’t think that will be my word for the year. I’m still on the search. There are have been plenty of good things, and I know there will still be tough things. I’m not asking for an easy road, but I do want some beautiful views.

Do you have resolutions for this year?

5 thoughts on “Recent Horoscopes, 2017 thoughts, 2018 hope

  1. I don’t have any resolutions yet, but I do have my word for the year: FOCUS. As in, focus on what’s important to me and what I want to achieve.

    Here’s to a good 2018! Hopefully I’ll see you more often! 🙂

  2. I love that your horoscope spoke about choosing joy – how perfect for you! I usually set goals in January but as you know from reading my post this week, I’m not setting any this year so I can just let the year unfold as it will…

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