Joy: The End

I no longer have to spend each week trying to find a good thing to post about! Joy was more of a challenge for me than I ever admitted. I know I’m lucky. I know there were good things, but there were a lot of hard things.

I just had a full week off work and spent the majority of my time in Aitkin. Seeing friends, hanging out with the family. I could have been home another week and still not accomplished everything I wanted to.

Today I’ll go to the Vikings game with parents and another friend, its a fitting ending since my dad and I spent New Years Day together at a Vikings game. I did slowly get back into my St. Paul life this morning by going to Alchemy for my last workout of 2017.

So here’s to the end of another year. I have no idea what 2018 will bring. I think I will still post weekly, but I don’t know what that “content” will entail.

Happy New Year Friends! I do hope it brings you joy, but I’m sure glad I won’t be writing about it anymore!

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