52: Movie Club

Here’s my plan for my “weekly” post. No word this year. I toyed around with using the word “love” as my one little word to focus on this year. But what if I’m still single when 2019 comes? Did I fail? I doubt it. But do I have 52 weeks where I repeatedly remind myself how much i love my friends and family? So I’m just counting down the weeks. Maybe a theme for the year will reveal itself to me.

Movie Club has been the best thing that came out of working at my current job. It reconnected me to a friend from college, and gave me some wonderful new friends. I would have never chosen to see Saw 8. But I am so glad we went to Molly’s Game. I highly recommend it. I’m not a gambler and I loved the movie.

Plus, I never truly watch a movie at home. I always have my computer or phone going, or even a book. Movies are sometimes just background noise. But movie club means dedicated friend time. Usually with drinks or snacks before so we can catch up before sitting down.

What was the last movie you went to?

Any Oscar buzz movies yet that I need to be aware of?

6 thoughts on “52: Movie Club

    • Look at you commenting on a blog!! (welcome friend!) After the golden globes 3 billboards is certainly getting more buzz!

  1. I saw Darkest Hour last weekend. EXCELLENT movie, like “I don’t want to go out and get my free popcorn refill” excellent. (Which says a lot, because I love popcorn.) If you hadn’t told me it was Gary Oldman playing Winston Churchill, I never would’ve guessed it.

  2. I am not a big movie watcher, either, but we do watch more movies in the winter. We rented a couple from Red Box over NYE weekend. One was a dud IMO (Dunkirk – way too hard to follow) and the other one was excellent (Hidden Figures). We rarely go to movies in the theater but we are planning to see The Post sometime soon as we won some movie tickets in a dice game on Christmas Eve.

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