Is This a Joke?! (God works in mysterious ways)

God works in mysterious ways. I read Incourage fairly regularly. They have great posts that I often save to pinterest boards, as they either fit my life now, or I could see them being very helpful in the future.

They posted a joint post with Dayspring where you take a quiz and get your “word of the year”. Since I don’t have one….I was so excited to fill out this quiz and get inspiration for my word. And what do I get? Joy. Stinking joy. The same thing I lived with for the last 52 weeks. A word that while it forced my to be positive, I rarely felt it.

What are the chances? Anyone have a different word they would recommend?

4 thoughts on “Is This a Joke?! (God works in mysterious ways)

    • Possibility is a great option! Based off that idea I’m considering “find”. Since there are a lot of things I am looking for.

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