51: Vision Boarding

I may not have a word for this year. But I did finally make a new vision board. I have a cork board in my bedroom at my parents house, and the same pictures have been up since 2016. I knew I needed a St. Paul version, but it took me forever to finally get around to it.

My themes for this board include nature, searching, and the realities of my world. The lower right corner is an article written by Sophia Bush titled ‘why to stop seeking “the one”‘. In the center is an article featuring a photo of Claire Danes from Romeo and Juliet discussing the history of Shakespeare and how many of the themes still apply today.

I have hopes for 2018. More job satisfaction and a romantic relationship being the highest hopes. But I also have smaller hopes that can be achieved with my current relationship status and current employment. The highest hope for that is traveling more, which I am happy to report is starting well in 2018. On Thursday afternoon I flew to Arizona with girlfriends, and we return this afternoon. Which means that I still get Monday to relax and unpack before returning to work.

Do you vision board?

What would you include?

5 thoughts on “51: Vision Boarding

  1. You picked the perfect time to escape to Arizona as it was SO COLD here this weekend. We are done traveling since my due date is soonish so I am just going to have to put up with the cold instead of escaping to thaw our like we usually do!

    I don’t have a vision board but I’m not a visual person so haven’t been drawn to makingn one. I usually have goals that I set at the beginning of the year and reflect back on to make sure I’m working towards achieving them, but as you know this year is goal-less for me! Which is ok! We had our baby shower this weekend so now there are lots of baby things around me, including a dresser that is filling up with clothes so that is kind of my ‘vision board’ as soon I’ll get to dress our babe in things we are receiving from family and friends!

    • It definitely takes some time to find things for a vision board, and I think all the physical items are a great reminder of what is coming for you!!

  2. I did an “online” vision board a couple of years ago and I liked the experience, but I haven’t done one since. I really like the idea though! It gives you good inspiration for the year. There’s a Girl Creative event this weekend with Still Kickin that’s about vision boarding that I kind of want to go to if I can squeeze it in, we shall see!

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