50: Fundraising

A full Scottsdale recap post is coming next week, but until then I’m sharing something that makes me a little nervous. I will once again be running Grandma’s Half Marathon, except this year I will be running as a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital.

When I realized that the race had sold out in the first few hours of being open, I immediately asked when I could sign up to run for Children’s Hospital. I have vague memories of visiting Johnny at Children’s Hospital.  I know other families who have had to spend time there much more recently.

I hope that by participating in Grandma’s Half Marathon as a fundraiser I am able to make a hard thing (having a child in the hospital) a little less hard (because I know it is not easy).

So if you happen to have a spare $5, $10, $20, could you support me and the children and families of Children’s Hospital? Click here to be directed to my fundraising page.


Thank you!


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