Weekend in Scottsdale

Uff da my friends. Specially my twin cities friends. That snow monday/clean up tuesday was not fun. I hope every is safe and sound, and didn’t have an accident!

As you may have noticed on Instagram…. I visited Scottsdale two weekends ago and I want to go back! Traveling with friends is the way to go. Flying alone is fine, taking lyft rides alone is fine, hotels alone are fine (but definitely add up over the course of 3 nights), and eating at restaurants alone is fine, but definitely gets boring.

Day 1: Happy Hour at Cien Agaves your basic mexican restaurant, with happy hour until 7 pm. It’s in the Old Scottsdale area which was across the street from our hotel.

Day 2: Breakfast at Morning Squeeze, hiking Camelback. There are 2 sides of Camelback.   We started with the Cholla trail, which is what I would recommend for active individuals. If you’re looking for a slightly easier start, I would start at Echo Canyon. (and yes it does Echo, we checked). Echo Canyon was also partially in the shade, which was wonderful!

Post-Hike we stopped at Two Brothers Taphouse, we intended to only drink, but ended up eating and it was delicious! (I could have had lunch/dinner there everyday). After some pooltime we walked to downtown Scottsdale and had the best Jalapeño Popper dip in a bread bowl appetizer at Kelly’s. I may have dreams of this dip.

Day 3: Best Breakfast goes to Alo Cafe. Its a tiny diner that makes basically everything from scratch. All other breakfasts pale in comparison. After that we headed to the Desert Botanical Garden, and I am begging my parents to winter in Arizona so I can go again. For our last dinner we went to Culinary Dropout, which had the best beer based cocktails that I will definitely be recreating this summer!

So if you’re dying for a break from winter, I highly recommend escaping for Scottsdale for the weekend.

What are your favorite quick trip destinations?


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Scottsdale

  1. Traveling with friends is definitely > that traveling alone! I”m glad you were able to get away to somewhere warm for a weekend. A good friend used to live in Phoenix so I would get done there every year or so but she doesn’t live there anymore. My sister lives in Tucson so I would get to see both of them on those trips. But I haven’t been down to Tucson in so many years – can’t remember how many!

    We usually take a long weekend trip in February to escape the cold. Our favorite destination was Santa Barbara. It’s kind of a pain to get to, though, as it’s expensive to fly there so we flew to LA and then had a long, trafficky drive to SB, but once we got there it was AMAZING. We’ve also gone to San Diego (didn’t love it, though) and Mexico (loved it!).

    • I definitely want to experience California again. I’ve done San Diego/La Jolla as a kid, but don’t really remember it. But its hard to plan a trip there with so many good options!

    • I think it depends on how deeply you want to explore. Scottsdale can be a great homebase with many day trips to different hikes throughout arizona. You could also travel to las vegas or mexico if you so desired.

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