49: Thin Ice

Minnesota showed all her colors this week. We saw the massive snow, the cold, and then the beauty of a 40 degree day. Who knows what next weekend will bring with the “BIG GAME”. (I plan on heading north on Saturday, and have Monday off so I don’t have to deal with too much of the craziness).

While I appreciate a warning of thin ice, you cannot expect all areas with thin ice to come with a warning. And, “thin ice” means different things in different places. Thin ice on the road, you better go slow and not make sudden stops. Thin ice on a lake, and you’d be silly to attempt to go over it. “You’re on ‘thin ice'” is something you might say to someone that you are losing patience with.

All three of these options are a warning. And if you choose to ignore the warning signs, you are in for quite the surprise. But if you didn’t even get the warning, its a shock.

I’m lucky that I can see a few warning signs. I can adjust my plans and my path. I don’t know if I’ll skate across the thin ice, or if I’ll get a bone chilling bath. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

How have you handled the weather this week?

Do you have plans for the “big game”?

One thought on “49: Thin Ice

  1. That snow storm we got was crazy! Luckily Phil did all of the snow removal for us which wasn’t too bad since we have a snow blower. I did get my car stuck in our driveway when I tried to go get him on Monday when his bus got stuck about a mile away. So he had to get my car unstuck and do all the snow clearing. I was loving the warmer weather and sunshine we got after the snowfall, but I didn’t get to enjoy it since I was in so much pain with my blood clot/in the hospital. But even feeling the sun through the windows is therapeutic! Looks like it’s going to get cold again for Superbowl weekend. We’ll be hunkering down and ignoring the festivities, though, especially since I’m still in pain so not very mobile. I’m glad I”m working from home this week because I imagine traffic is going to be awful as we get closer to the weekend.

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