Alchemy 365 Challenge (Basically Whole 30)

Working out at Alchemy is a challenge in itself. Everyone is super tough and the workouts are not easy. There are always modifications, but dang you want to the best you can.

So when I heard they were running a challenge, I had little idea what it entailed, but figured I may as well sign up. I’ve been needing a kickstart and making changes is always easier when you are part of a group.

Unfortunately, the group does not do my dishes, and I am cooking a whole lotta food. Part of the challenge is a meal plan. The basics of the plan are no dairy, no sugar, no grains…..Which is basically all I live on. Hence, changes needed to be made. Thankfully I like cooking, so I follow the meal plan for the most part, but tweak to fit my tastes.

The biggest bummer, is because so many people are doing some sort of healthy eating plan in January, a lot of grocery stores are having stocking issues with specialty items. Primal Kitchen makes a mayo spread that would be compliant…only problem is I can’t find it anywhere.

I hear I’ll be sick of eggs pretty soon, and that’s true. Last week I could enjoy egg bake “as is” this week I have to add salsa to make it enjoyable. I may go towards a bullet proof coffee in weeks 3 and 4. Or, take the time to fry eggs before work each day, which will at least be a different consistency than egg bake.

Grocery shopping takes a little more time than usual. I have to read every single ingredients list. Thankfully I have trader joe’s and whole foods available to me. Over the weekend I stopped into my hometown grocery store, and I basically could only eat out of the produce section. It was a hard pill to swallow.

Finally, no sugar means no alcohol. And so far I am doing it. Obviously people all over the place go without alcohol. But dang does it taste/feel good after a terrible day. So when things aren’t going my way, do I give in and pour a glass? Or do I stay stubborn and be determined to not give in?

What questions do you have?

Have you ever done Whole 30 or similar challenges? Any tips for me?

2 thoughts on “Alchemy 365 Challenge (Basically Whole 30)

  1. I did Whole 30 2 years ago, I think. It was pretty challenging, mostly because of the amount of food I had to buy each week and how much time i spent doing meal prep! I got really protein’d out by the end as I was not used to eating so much protein (we like to eat a lot of lentils). My favorite breakfast was a sweet potato hash with chicken sausage, peppers and onions, topped with an over easy egg. I would make the hash on the weekend and then fry and egg each morning.

    Good for you for taking on this challenge as it’s not easy!!

    • I have certainly cheated a bit. But I’m hoping it will encourage me to focus on a few more servings of veggies and proteins because my first choice is always carbs.

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