Whole-30ish Alchemy 365 Learning

10 Things I learned about myself during the Alchemy 365 Challenge, which is a Whole 30-ish style of eating… Technically I should follow it until Sunday, but I have some fun plans coming up, so I’m finishing a bit early.

The basics rules were “no dairy, no sugar, no grains” this also included no beans (for reasons I’m not entirely sure) and only some oils were “allowed”.

I followed this plan very loosely. I would say I was about 80% compliant most days.

  1. My headaches are not because of what I’m eating.
  2. Healthy eating isn’t too hard (if you can cook and have access to a fridge/microwave for leftovers/lunch).
  3. Your friends want you to cheat. It is not fun to drink alone.
  4. Bad days are bad days whether or not you eat junk food for dinner.
  5. Everything you buy has added sugar. Especially foods you didn’t consider sweet.
  6. Real ice cream wins. The fake stuff just isn’t as good. Eat the real thing.
  7. Bread is a delicious vessel, but you can eat eggs without toast.
  8. Diet coke is not required at noon, but I didn’t feel better by abstaining.
  9. Veggies are great, but you need a lot of them to fill a plate.
  10. Pizza is still king. I missed pizza.

Would I do a completely Whole 30 diet? Sure. If I had a partner. Alone? I will just try random recipes that happen to be whole 30, but not follow every day every meal.

Some have said that their grocery bill went sky high when attempting whole 30. And yes, the prepared foods will cost you. Add $3-$6 for whatever prepared foods/dressings you were normally buying. But if you have access to good produce, can make homemade dressings/dips, and know enough food substitutes, your wallet can handle it.

Have you done Whole 30? Would you ever choose to cut out bread and sugar?

6 thoughts on “Whole-30ish Alchemy 365 Learning

  1. I did Whole 30 2 years ago. It was an interesting challenge but I don’t know that I feel like I need to do it again. I’m already gluten free so that forces me to eat pretty cleanly. I did feel like Whole 30 showed me that dairy bothers me but it’s so hard to cut it out and get enough calcium. I usually try to cut back but it’s tough to do that when pregnant – especially now that I have to follow a low carb diet for my gestational diabetes as dairy products are a really good source of protein.

    My biggest complaint with whole 30 was how much work it was and how expensive it was. I felt like I spent so much on protein and fresh veggies. I think it would be easier to do Whole 30 in the summer when you have access to fresh, in-season produce! But I’m still glad I did it. I also was shocked how many things have added sugar in them!!!

    • Amen! The other thing I learned was what snacking is actually needed. It really is true, if I don’t feel like eating an apple, I’m probably not actually hungry.

  2. Katie I’m so behind in my blog reading! But anyway, I’m glad you shared your thoughts on the Whole 30 and good for you for completing it! I don’t think I could, but I know so many people who have.

    • No worries Beth, the same thing happens to me! I wasn’t doing completely whole 30, but it was good to have a reset and focus on clean foods.

    • The best part of meal prep for me is to think about what nights I’ll be home and what nights I’ll have time to cook. Some nights I’ll make 2 meals knowing that I need those leftovers. Otherwise it becomes a frozen pizza/snacks bonanza!

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