Fundraising and Running for Children’s Hospital 2018

Request for Creatives! What should I be calling these posts? I’ll be posting at least once a month February – June. So I’d like something catchy that reminds people that I am fundraising as well as training/running.

This week I’m checking in to let you know that training has officially started! While June 16 is a long ways away, I am hoping to successfully run this race. Not just shuffle through thanks to my stubbornness.

I’ve run plenty of half marathons. I ran one the day my grandma Pat passed away. I ran on the day after a week long work trip. I ran one at Disney World. I ran one while training for Grandma’s Marathon. 13.1 miles is something I have chosen. Multiple times. But kids don’t choose to be in the hospital. And if they go to Children’s Hospital once, its pretty likely that they go again. (Not fact based at all, just my own experience).

If a kiddo doesn’t go to the hospital they still have check-ups. So if parents can take the time to take their kid to a check up, I can get myself on a training run. Here’s the plan.

3 runs per week: 2 on lunch breaks, 1 on the weekend.

3 Alchemy classes per week.

Knowing how I operate, I will probably be doing an Alchemy class in the morning before work, and running on my lunch break, on the same day. It will work better for me to do 2 workouts in one day, because the other option is to be working out every single day.

Injuries are common for me. Last year when I attempted to start training I immediately hurt myself which required 2 weeks off. My hope is that I can stay healthy by choosing to go slower on runs, but continuing Alchemy classes, where we typically do plenty of squats, lunges, and all sorts of other muscle building moves.

I have some work to do. And hopefully my efforts will mean a little ease for others.

Have you trained for a race before?

What should I title these efforts/posts?

P.S. You can donate here. Thank you!



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