February 2014 Recap

As a reminder: I started Peace Perspectives and Swim Sessions in January, you can read that recap here.

I started the month obsessed with the olympics

And cheered on the Aitkin All Starz at the State Tournament!

Aitkin All Starz Top GunI also completed the Move Nourish Believe Challenge from Lorna Jane and Fit Approach.

And finished the month with a really hard swim workout. Not every workout is going to be the best workout ever.

In March I’m joining Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point in her Ironman March, where you attempt to complete the Ironman Distances in one month! Do you think I can do it? Do you want to join me? I also need to increase my running, as Run for the Lakes Half Marathon is at the end of April…and tomorrow is March!

January 2014 Recap

Confession: I typed 2013 at first. I’m still having trouble adjusting to the new number.

I started “Peace Perspective” on Sundays. You can click here to read the introduction.

swimsess1I also started Swim Sessions which happen every Thursday morning, on Wednesday’s I’m posting about how the previous swim session went.

I was sick for 2 weeks, which ends up being half the month…But am happy to say I’m feeling better!

February will be a busy month. I’ve been asked to travel with the high school dance team I’ve been volunteering with if they make it to the state tournament! (if any of you are reading, I have all the faith in the world you will be going to state, but we’re still going to practice hard!)

I also will have a week of teaching extra yoga classes while my friend Lara gets her 2nd set of 100 hour training. Thankfully I’ve got a vacation to Mexico in March, so she can hopefully substitute for me then!

How was your January? What are you “looking forward” to in February?

October 2013 Recap

Hello November! I’ve got tons of fun things lined up for this month so I’m excited it is here, although October did not disappoint with activities either!

I won!!! #mnblogcon or rather I asked a question 😉

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I started the month with the Minnesota Bloggers Conference, you can read my recap here.

Screenshot JealousI spoke about my running jealousy. And started my Christmas list.

christmas wish list And most importantly, I was given the chance to share about my brother. Barney in Concert

What did you accomplish in October?

September 2013 Recap

September was another fun filled month, but looking at the blog posts, I did a nice job of balancing all my favorite things!

I cooked quite a bit, my favorite being these grilled artichokes.

Grilled Artichokes with AioliI spent a long weekend at #HLS13 and had a wonderful time! This post links my other posts from weekend.

#HLS13 Cherry and the SpoonAlso in September I had my first giveaway on the blog! And the winner is

Random WinnerKelly Nigl! Email me your address and I’ll send them off in the mail!

CPYTri Edina Corepower YogaLast weekend I spent lots of time with this lovely girl, particapting in the CPYTri, shopping, and having a post-duathlon lunch!

This weekend I was home, but wasn’t happy with the idea of spending all weekend at home alone. So Friday I texted a friend I haven’t seen in a while. She had plans, but allowed me to join in on her Grey’s Anatomy and Wine night that was already planned with her co-workers. It was nice to meet some new ladies, and hopefully we can do more together in the future!

Snapchat-3232Does it matter if a wine glass is half full? Or half empty? I figure either way, there is wine!

October is already most planned with a Miranda Lambert Concert, the Minnesota Bloggers Conference, and the Monster Dash half! Which means its time to devote myself to running again!

What do you have planned for October? Any Halloween costumes planned yet?



August 2013 Recap

September is here! While summer isn’t officially over, I don’t know why we pretend like it continues after labor day. Sure the weather might be nice, but everyone seems to be getting back in a routine, even if they don’t have school age children.

August was packed full. I had a busy week of Miss Aitkin practice and a wedding the first week of the month.

I ran a Summerfest 5k the second weekend of the month.

Continued training for the Iron Girl Bloomington Duathlon, although hip pain slowed me down.

And the third week of the month included a day spent in a kayak with friends!

The last two weekends of the month were slow, and I was a little sad that I didn’t have anything to do or anyone to hang out with. So when it came to planning my Labor Day weekend I tried to fill it up, and was very successful!

Friday night I met a friend for our town’s Moonlight Madness where local businesses offer discounts, and then went to the Beanery’s Wine Night!

Saturday was spent on the lake with friends and beverages, and Saturday night I babysat my brother.

Sunday I drove down to Maple Grove and caught the bus to the Minnesota State Fair where I spent 8 hours walking around with friends and trying delicious food! I personally thought the deep fried green olives were overrated, and the deep fried jalapeno cheese stick was delicious!

Monday I taught Yoga Sculpt at 10 am, and was blessed with a full class, that included my aunts! I had lunch with a few friends, and then the afternoon was spent at my Grandparents cabin.

Monday night I came into work, which is why I’m allowed to type up this monthly recap quick before diving deep into my “beginning of the month” to-do list.

How was your August?? Are you buried in stuff to do with the start of September?

July 2013 Recap

Some months go by in a flash, but July seemed to be pretty packed full of events, I can barely remember the fourth of July.

4th paddleboardsAlthough I do know my friends and I had a great day!

I then followed it up with the Nisswa Firecracker 5k

katie nisswaAnd I hope to help with some part of the race next year, it was such a great event!!

The very next weekend I ran the Paul Bunyan Extreme 5k

Paul Bunyan Extreme 5k Shoes

And now I’m training for my first Duathlon!

There have been some low points over the month. Not all of which I have blogged about. But I’m hopeful that in the last month of summer there will still be some good memories made to sustain me over the cold Minnesota winter. Fall is my favorite season so I’m not sad to see August come.




June 2013 Recap and Nisswa Firecracker 5k Recap

Its July 11 People. And I am in DENIAL! If you asked me, I’d say it was the last week of June. Because most of June I thought it was still May! I have such a hard time believing that the summer is passing us by.

However I really packed the activities in during June. I ran a half marathon, attended a bachelorette party, ran a marathon, and was a personal attendant in a wedding.

Then the fourth of July came and I taught a sculpt class, before spending time with friends!

4th paddleboardsJust a portion of the group, and those are Costco Paddle Boards in the water, the smartest purchase ever!

On July 6th I participated in the Nisswa Firecracker 5k. Which I will do a recap right in here. If you’re up north in the Brainerd Lakes area for the 4th of July I cannot recommend this race enough!! The course is part road, part trail, and not closed to traffic, however I had no issues, and saw plenty of people running with strollers. They had a 5k, 10k, and a kids race. There was a finish line slip and slide, as well as beer and crawfish. The best thing was, the race started at 8 am, so as long as you can get up in the morning, you don’t have to battle traffic and you don’t miss out on lake time!

Nisswa Firecracker 5k 2013My friends that I did the race with also did Grandma’s with me (or ahead of me, they’re speedy!), so we all had no idea where our pacing would be at for a 5k. I set my garmin for 10 minute miles, which was way too ambitious. I started out too fast and my knees and ankles hurt right away. Once I slowed it down my knee pain went away, but my ankle pain persisted for the entire race.

While I’m not thrilled with my performance, I am very happy that I took the time out of the long partying weekend to do this race. And I’m sure I will participate again next year, hopefully with a better strategy, and overall better finishing time.

There’s still time to vote for my next race. And one of my favorite bloggers posted a flashback of her first triathlon. But I am leaning towards the Irongirl Duathlon, and am happy to say I found a discount code on the Beautifully Nutty blog!

Now I just need to find a training plan and enjoy what’s left of July!

What are you up to this month? Are you surprised by how fast the summer is going?

May 2013 Recap

Its hard to believe May is over, its also hard to believe I’m feeling so much better today than I did a month ago when writing my April recap!

Since I wrote that post I have started teaching Yoga Sculpt at Karmady Yoga and Fitness in Aitkin! It has been an amazing first month, and I don’t think I could have asked for a better community to start teaching in! Right now I teach Mondays at 6:15 am and Wednesdays starting next week at 5 pm (we had been doing 4 pm). I also teach random Saturdays, such as this Saturday!

It seems like May was consistently busy, but June is really going to put May to shame. I’ve got something planned every weekend, Ex: half marathon, bachelorette party, wedding, marathon, wedding). Uff da!

I’ve been posting like crazy this week with different race and running info and it will be interesting to see how much I am able to post next month. In April and most of May I did a great job of getting healthy eating and water drinking in, but I have a cold right now and my energy level just isn’t into the small daily tasks. So I’m hoping after this weekend I’ll be back into the healthy swing of things! Now that the weather is warmer I am eating more salads. Although last night I realized that plain spinach salad isn’t that good to me anymore. However, sauteed spinach is super easy way to pump up the nutrition in almost any meal.

Do you have an easy way to add nutrition to a meal?

How crazy is your June?

(early) April 2013 Recap

Happy Friday!!! I know its not the end of the month yet…but since its Friday I figured I would bend the rules and do my monthly recap today!

This has been a very trying month. I’ve worked out basically zero due to injury. I also have managed to lose a credit card, forget my drivers license on the way to the airport, blew a tire, and went in the ditch. Thankfully all of these situations were cleared up quickly.

Even though I’ve had a few bummers, I’ve also had a few blessings. Last night I received my Yoga Sculpt Certification! (review will hopefully be posted on Sunday). I was also blessed with a long weekend in Florida and a visit from a close friend. We were talking about races and it sounds like we’ll be training for the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon January 2015! It’s a race that is on my 30 by 30 List..

My final and biggest blessings are my family and friends. I am so thankful for them, and have really had to lean on them to help me out this past month.

With the 4 days left of the month I will be running (or attempting) a 10k, spending more time with friends and family, and on the 30th will turn 25! I think its only fitting that as I leave my “early” 20s behind its with a crazy stressful month. Because early 20s are crazy and stressful. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, trying to be an adult, while also having fun and occasionally being immature. I felt a lot of stress to be doing the right thing and am really starting to let that go. Last night I found a great article with this quote..

The thing is, fear is fake. It’s a feeling that you create.

And if I had to share anything with someone who is just graduating or making a change in their life, it would be that quote. If you’re experiencing fear, think about what creates the fear and how you can fight it. If you’re scared you’ll screw up, think about what you might screw up and how it could be done better, maybe more practicing, maybe letting go of the idea of perfection (something I’m still working on). Sometimes you just have to let go and let things happen. There are only so many things in your control.

So with this warmer weather we’re supposed to have in Minnesota this weekend, I say let go. enjoy. relax.

I know I will!

March 2013 Recap

Lion? Lamb? Minnesota never quite decides what is going on. Last year’s March was wonderful! People were running around on St. Patrick’s day in shorts and t-shirts. This year…not so much. It was cold for all of March! But it’s over, and I survived April 1 without any big tricks.

March was wonderful because I had a lot going on, but never felt overwhelmed. Everything just worked out! And I can truely appreciate that because right now things are starting to feel a little out of control. Every weekend in April has an event, and May is a mystery, but I’m sure it will fill just as quickly.

I’m currently “training” for Grandma’s Marathon…by not running. I’m going through cycles of emotion about it. I know resting is a good idea right now, because I’ve got all of May and most of June to get back into gear. And if nothing else, it will be fun to go to Duluth for Grandma’s weekend and have a good time.

I also am currently taking a Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training through Corepower Yoga! Its something I talked about wanting to do, and thought I’d wait, but then decided I may as well bite the bullet. I’m still learning and gaining confidence, but am excited to see where it takes me.

I’m super overwhelmed with work right now, and will continue to be with all my different activities and plans, but I am still so thankful that I made the career switch last August.

Are you busy this spring? Or are you just waiting until Summer?